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Corporate & Executive Risk Management

Our solutions are designed to your organization's risk exposure. Our corporate and executive risk management services encompass a broad range of solutions, including but not limited to:

Supplmental Coverages
Broad based benefit plans, such as group life and disability insurance, frequently have limitations and or maximums on coverage, creating coverage "gaps" for high income earners/key personnel. Analysis of existing benefits, insurance compensation formulas, and key personnel compensation can provide a coverage gap. Let us do the work for you and provide specialized design techniques to cover these "gaps". 

Buy-Sell Exposure
Organizations often have buy-sell plans in place in the case of disability or death of owners. Many have not actively monitored the provisions of those documents to make sure they have the cash flow or proper insurance coverages in place to distribute upon a triggering event. Our team can analyze your documents, quantify your liabilities and help determine if buy-sell life or buy-sell disability coverages are warranted. Additionally, if no plan is currently in place, we can assist in establishing governing buy-sell documents. 

Executive Loss Coverage
Organizations often fail to evaluate the potential disruption and expenses that would result from the loss of key personnel and executives. Recent survey data indicates that replacement costs of key personnel and executives could be upwards of 400% of their compensation, when analyzing costs of replacing them via retained search, disruption to business and training of successor. Having coverage in unforeseen catastrophic events is critical to continuity. 

High Profile Coverages
We have assisted sports franchises in analyzing their risk exposure due to player injury or loss of life. We have access to the largest carriers and are able to serve as independent brokers on your behalf. We know the industry and pitfalls. We examine internal retention limits of insurers, and can allocate coverage across multiple carriers in order to minimize re-insurance market usage.